Jhusmie ~ The Diary of a Mad Naamon, Pt. 1: The Beginning of Change

The Diary of a Mad Naamon, Pt. 1:
The Beginning of Change

JHUSMIE….Just Hustle Until Succes Magnifies Its Excellence!The words I live my life by.Driven by music since I was a little kid,there was ALWAYS something I thought special about it.

The way it made me feel,react,empathize,listen,and think..This album is the BEGINNING of my story…I could remember when mom was still in NewYork and we moved to Georgia,with my Pop for a few months..while she finished her affairs up there..It was EASY by Lionel Richie that got me through.As I grew up I wrote down the songs I heard on paper..trying to break them down as to what they REALLY meant.There was always something about every song I could appreciate.Whether it was Rakim’s lyrical genius on a song or Enimem’s word play..and Evolution to becoming one of the ALL TIME GREATS!Mary J. BLidge,New Edition,Temptations, to the young cats out there like ….August Alcina.There is NO WAY I could leave out…Tupac Shakur as he is one of my BIGGEST influences.. I began to appreciate music and so many different styles,where they ‘came from’ and where they were going.NO ONE can do what I do because it is me!No one does YOU better than YOU.Instead of reacting to some of my situations I wrote..And it started at first..with a rnb with a simple rap style..So to speak..and then evolving..to Just about who I am.SLAUGHTERHOUSE prime examples of lyrical ridiculousness,From Royce,Crooked I,JoeL O.and Joe…I was in a group called “Fresh Connection” back in the day..We danced rapped and sang..I have always embraced music…a place to be angry in,happy,emotional..My place..My World..to find peace.As time went on as all groups do things change.People fell off a new crew came about..and a few of us continued to live it.They grew out of music and I evolved into my own…That has now become JHUSMIE.No matter how long the road,or how far you’ve gone,what your road looks like,hills valleys,curves..all of it.When you make it..through..that’s what LIVING IS ABOUT!When what you DO..BECOMES.. something GREAT THAT YOU’VE DONE!JhusMieNation!! I am NO spring chicken or claim to be,not fooling myself that it HASN’T been a LONGTIME coming,A LONG WALK..But FINISHING what I started SO long ago…THAT IS JHUSMIE MENTALITY!And NO ONE will EVER TAKE THAT FROM ME! The Diary of A Mad Naamon..is my story..Take A listen.