Coffee Cup (Single release)

A New Strangely Alright Single – Coffee Cup

Sometimes the littlest things mean the most. Like getting a coffee cup as a gift last Christmas.

Coffee Cup is the new single from Strangely Alright. It’s a quirky synth driven mixture of  pounding toms, distorted vocals, pretty piano and some horns and tremolo guitar for good measure and is available at iTunes and Amazon along with SA’s previous music.

SA front man Regan Lane explains: “This song is a snapshot into a change in perception for me. And once I started to see the underlying importance in the little things that I used to take for granted, I began to feel a gratitude for all the minute details in my life that I used to miss. And it’s cool that lately our songs have taken on a sound that is outside of what we normally have done in the past. I/We don’t want to box ourselves in. It’s exciting to continue to grow while we do this and see where new ideas can take us!”

After the release of Coffee Cup, the band will be finishing up their EP called Stuff for release later in the winter, on a special limited edition cassette, with the help of Ombrello Records.


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