Hudson Stanton is a guitarist and singer/songwriter native to the great city of Seattle, WA. Hudson was born on the last day of 1993 and is ready to make a sweet new twist in the music industry with his debut single Chocolate dropping 9/7/2017.  Hudson is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music and is aiming to bring something new to the industry with his lighthearted upbeat pop/rock songs, his lyrical ear candy, and a soulful guitar flair!


Chocolate is what you get if you take the guitar from a John Mayer solo and add it to the catchy melodies of  Chance the Rapper, then let it cook among the genres of pop, gospel, and blues. Chocolate is the product of a realization that differences in culture should be something to be celebrated. Chocolate is the story of a white boy who loves a black girl.

Hudson Stanton - Chocolate image