Big Wheel Stunt Show ~ DRAYGUN RAYGUN

Big Wheel Stunt Show played their first live show on May 21, 2009. Since then, the BWSS has rolled up nearly 400 appearances at venues and festivals spanning the Pacific Northwest, with tours pushing the band into Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Texas.

BWSS draws influence from the likes of MC5, Grand Funk, Muddy Waters, the Who, Stone Temple Pilots, Van Halen, Pearl Jam, Motown, Black Sabbath and a veritable World of Others – BIG WHEEL STUNT SHOW has consistently played to Smiling Faces and Well-Rung Ears.

If “High-Energy” rock and roll is what you look for on the menu, this is the band’s specialty. With duel-lead guitars and arena rock harmonies, the BWSS is ready to take their show to the next level in 2018. The band released their fourth, full-length album on Dec. 15 and are ready to bring “Draygun Raygun” to the masses.

Evan Nagle – Guitar/Lead Vocals/Back-up Vox
Justin Gimse – Drums/Back-up Vox/Lead Vocals
Jake Melius – Bass/Back-up Vox
Fred Speakman – Guitar/Back-up Vox